Fall Hydrant Flushing Schedule


Town of Bennington’s Semi-Annual


2-Week Period

Monday through Friday
7:00am thru 5:00pm

October 10  –  14, 2022


October 17  –  21, 2022


  • Bennington’s Hydrant Flushing is a STATE Mandated Program that occurs every April and October.
  • It ensures a higher Water Quality and allows for proper Hydrant Maintenance for Fire Protection.
  • You may experience low water pressure.
  • You may also experience discolored water.
  • These are normal and unavoidable side effects of the program.
  • We recommend you schedule clothes washing and other cleaning projects after daily flushing hours and once your water has run clear.
  • If you experience discolored water Run Your Cold Water Until It Is Clear.

Any further questions please call the Bennington Town Offices at 442-1037.