CAB Award Winner: Energy Committee Member Bruce Lierman

Bruce LiermanBruce Lierman  Honored With 2023 Climate Excellence Award

Climate Advocates Bennington, CAB, a local climate justice group, recognizes individuals and groups in the Bennington area who are doing inspiring work to reduce carbon emission, enabling renewable energy, and addressing community needs. This year CAB awards Bruce Lierman the Climate Excellence Award for the commitment, inspiration, and the persistent work he has given to remediate climate change in the Bennington community.  
The Climate Excellence Award was presented on April 22, 2023, at 2 PM, at the Bennington Free Library as part of an Earth Day program, sponsored by CAB, the Bennington Energy Committee, and the Bennington Free Library. 

Bruce’s bicycling class, which he has taught for more than 10 years, has provided  knowledge  and insight on how to have  fun and safe bike rides. He offers an inspiring role model for cycling.

 In 2021 Bruce helped establish and support the “Bike Hub”,a  non-profit community bike shop that is located at 160, Benmont Ave.  The Bike Hub  promotes healthy lifestyles, empowers youth building skills,  makes cycling accessible and safer for all, builds a strong cycling culture and community, and encourages the use of bicycles for transportation as well as fun,  fitness and adventure. 
In 2020, Bruce  helped to bring  Window Dressers to the Bennington area. Window Dressers draws  community volunteers of all economic and social situations together to  build and install  interior window inserts. These inserts lower the cost of heating homes, increase the warmth and comfort, and reduce carbon dioxide pollution. Windows Dressers provides many neighbors of limited incomes with windows for free or low cost, and everyone contributes to the build.

Bruce serves as a member of the Bennington Energy Committee. The Energy  committee implements  the Town’s Energy Plan, and  advocates for energy conservation, and renewable energy projects. They are working actively to connect low or middle income families with significant amounts of free or low cost winterization for the purpose of justice and major reduction of energy use to fight climate change.