Willow Park Playgrounds Almost Done – But NOT YET!


The playgrounds at Willow Park are looking good and nearing completion, but they are not yet ready for use.
A big remaining piece is the installation of the poured-in-place rubber at the small playground and large playground pathways. We expect that to happen this week, and it is especially important that the playgrounds are not disturbed during this work. There will be contractor personnel on site overnight while the poured -in-place rubber cures.

Once that is done, we will see the final installation of swings, final landscaping and cleanup work, and then a safety inspection and certification public use.
We hope to announce a completion date very, VERY soon! We will celebrate the re-opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony and we invite you all to join us when that happens.

WE REMAIN INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to our community who has been so very patient as this amazing renewal of the playgrounds take place.