Article 10 Traffic Control Ordinance – action taken 1/22/18

Proposal to amend Article 10 Traffic Control Ordinance as follows: 

10-19.03 Speed Limits:

Shall be amended as follows (underline wording is new):

  1. The maximum speed limit shall be 40 mph as follows:
  • On Vermont Route 9, beginning at the easterly exit drive at the Chain-up
    area 0.4 miles west to the easterly entrance of Kelley Fuels.

  • On U.S. Route 7, beginning at the entrance to the Greenberg Reserve
    0.4 miles north to the former Bennington Village boundary line.

This action is taken by the Select Board of the Town of Bennington on January 22, 2018, and shall be printed in full in the minutes of the Select Board, posted in five (5) conspicuous places within the Town of Bennington and a summary published in the Bennington Banner within fourteen (14) days of its adoption and shall become in full force and affect sixty (60) days after the date of adoption to the right of petition provided by law.

Thomas H. Jacobs, Chair      Donald Campbell, Vice Chair

Jim Carroll                               Jeanne Conner

Chad Gordon                           Jeannette Jenkins 

Carson Thurber