BCA Re-apportionment

A change in our legislative districts could put two popular incumbents in a face-off election.
The Board of Civil Authority (BCA) is the local body tasked with dealing with election matters for the town. While not usually a “headline maker,” this year is somewhat unusual in that every ten years following the Federal Census, the BCA is also tasked to make recommendations on re-apportionment of legislative districts that might be needed due to changes in population. Those recommendations are sent to the State of Vermont Legislative Apportionment Board (LAB), and then on to the Vermont Legislature which will make the final decision.
This year those changes could be significant. The LAB suggested that the former districts with two members be broken into one member districts which would require that a portion of Southern Shaftsbury be put into one of those new districts, and would also result in a face-off in one district between Mary Morrissey and Tim Corcoran. A second proposal being considered would be to also include that part of Southern Shaftsbury, but would preserve the current two-member districts. A third proposal would not include Southern Shaftsbury, would keep the current two member districts, but would require the addition of Woodford (which is currently grouped with Pownal) to the district.
Local BCA meetings are continuing, with one in Shaftsbury next Thursday, Nov. 4, and a followup meeting in Bennington on Tuesday, November 9th at 5 pm at the Firehouse on River Street, where a final recommendation by our local BCA will be made and sent to the State for their final decision. Shown here reviewing possible re-districting maps are BCA members Cassandra Barbeau and Michele Hogan. The BCA is made up of elected Justices of the Peace, Select Board members, the Town Clerk, and the Assistant Town Clerk.