Bennington Residents – Freeze Up Warning



DATE:      February 24, 2015

FROM:     Terrance A. Morse, Bennington Water Resources Superintendent

Due to the extreme cold weather over the past few months Bennington residents have seen a substantial number of frozen water and sanitary sewer lines.  The Water Department crews are trying to address these freeze-up as quickly as possible.  If your home has a history of frozen water service (Even if it was many years ago), you should run a cold water tap enough to have a steady stream of water.  This will help the service line from freezing solid.  If you are one of those with a frozen water or sanitary sewer line please call the Bennington Town Offices located at 205 South Street, Telephone 442-1037 for assistance and direction.  We will make arrangements to work with you and your plumber to restore services as soon as possible.  All calls will be addressed in the order that they are received.