Boards and Commissions – Openings

FROM: Stuart A. Hurd, Town Manager
DATE: June 19, 2019




The following is a list of openings for Town of Bennington Boards and Commissions and includes a brief description of the duties of each office and those positions that are available. Bennington residents interested in these positions must submit a letter of interest for the position desired to the Bennington Select Board and send it to the Town Manager’s Office, 205 South Street, P.O. Box 469, Bennington, Vermont 05201, no later than noon on Monday, July 1, 2019.

HOUSING AUTHORITY – An autonomous body appointed for terms of five years by the Select Board which acts as the Board of Directors for Housing Authority properties (Willowbrook, Brookside Apartments, Beech Court, and Walloomsac Apartments) and oversees the staff and sets policies for operation.

(Appointed to 5-year term)          Term Expires

1 POSITION OPEN                                     3/23

ENERGY COMMITTEE – A committee established by the Select Board to pursue implementation of the Town’s Energy Plan, advocate for energy conservation and renewable energy projects, and report on a regular basis to the Select Board. The committee shall exist for one (1) year and be comprised of not less than seven (7) nor more than ten (10) members.

(Appointed to 1-year term)          Term Expires

7 to 10 POSITIONS OPEN            6/20