Built Like a Tank

D-7 Tractor

Built like a tank! RJ Joly, Director of the Department of Public Works and Assistant Director Larry Gates, show off the 1972 Caterpillar D-7 that was acquired just in time for the Furnace Brook capping project.
Despite being built in 1972, the D-7 only had 297 hours of use and was in near perfect condition. Purchased through a Military Surplus to Municipalities program, the cost to the town was just $2,000 for paperwork and shipping. The cost for a similar D-7 is normally around $50,000 and because this was a necessary piece of equipment for the capping project it saved the town $48,000 and is now part of our vehicle inventory for future work.
We’d like to thank Norm LeBlanc of the North Bennington Highway Department for his help locating the D-7. We are very grateful for this assistance!
This sort of teamwork and daily efforts to find ways to save taxpayer money is baked into everything we do. We are not perfect… but we are always striving to do better.
Image Captions: clockwise from top left; RJ Joly inspects the tracks of the “new” 1972 D-7. Joly and Gates provide scale to show the size of the new bulldozer. The D-7 at work during the Furnace Brook capping.