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Finishing Touches for Washington Avenue

Town workers put finishing touches on Washington Avenue in Bennington

Town crews were busy this week putting final touches on Washington Avenue that had a major re-do last year. We are very grateful to the patience of town residents as we finish this work!

You can learn about planned road work on the town website under “notices” on the home page. We don’t always stay on schedule due to sickness, weather, or other issues, but that will give you a good idea of what is next on the schedule.

As always, let us know if you have thoughts or concerns or if you see a problem in your neighborhood that we should know about. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

POSTPONED: Willow Park Playground Presentation

POSTPONED: Willow Park Final Playground Design Presentation

The Willow Park presentation of the final playground design scheduled for May 19 has been POSTPONED due to illness.

A new date will be announced towards the end of next week and will be scheduled to coincide with the ground breaking of the project which should be towards the end of June.

We have been following an aggressive timeline to minimize the amount of time before the new playgrounds are installed and this postponement of the presentation of the final playground designs does not affect timing of the project in any way.

Because things are moving smoothy and quickly so far, the date of the rescheduled presentation would have been very close to when the work will start — so it makes sense to combine the two events together.

We will share a new date for the combined presentation and groundbreaking as soon as it is available. We thank everyone for their understanding and we are very excited to see this work starting in late June.

For more information about the Willow Park playgrounds renewal project and process please visit the Town website page on Willow Park located at:

All About Town – Town Manager Stuart Hurd

To view the Town Manager’s May All About Town Column, please click this link.




Save on Energy with Weatherization


While we still remember how cold winter was…

…and while it is still warm enough to do something about it before next winter! Here are three great organizations that will help you with weatherizing your home or apartment to save energy. Help do your part to fight climate change and save money in the process.

Heat Squad ( is a program of NeighborWorks of Western VT ( that offers low-cost energy audits for homes and businesses of all incomes. Heat Squad also assists with weatherization project coordination and accessing financing and state energy rebates from Efficiency Vermont.
BROC ( provides weatherization assistance to low-income households in Bennington and Rutland Counties. They also have several other programs for low-income households including tax assistance, food & nutrition, and housing/fuel/utility assistance.

WindowDressers ( is a nonprofit organization based in Maine, with local chapters all over New England, that provides low-cost insulating window inserts that are assembled at community build events. Currently the local chapter has raised enough funds to entirely cover the cost for people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Contact: 802-234-3050 –

THANK YOU to Callie Fishburn, our Regional Energy Coordinator at BCRC for providing this information and to Bill Karis and the Town of Bennington Energy Committee for their work promoting these resources and getting it out to the community.

Hydrant Flushing Happening Now Through May 6

Hydrant flushing is happening now!

The semi-annual hydrant flushing began the week of April 25 and will continue until May 6, 2022. This is a requirement that the town must follow – but for good reason; it keeps the water system from having sediment buildup and makes sure that all hydrants are functioning properly in the case of an emergency.

Please remember to run your cold water until clear if your water is discolored… that will prevent sediment from being introduced into your hot water heater!

We recommend scheduling use of clothes washers after the hydrant flushing in your neighborhood and after your water has cleared.

Shout out to Dan Stall and the rest of the Bennington Water Department team for getting this important work done!

Comment on Playground Designs

Picture of closed sign by old playground, with images of new playground designs next to it.

Public Comment on the new playground designs ends Sunday, April 24. We want to hear from you!

The old playgrounds will not be opened or maintained this year pending their removal which will be happening soon. We are working as quickly as possible on the timing of this project to minimize the amount of time we are without the playgrounds.

If you have not already provided input; you can find detailed information, large images of the designs, and an online input form at:

Over 1,400 people have provided input so far!

Printed copies of the input form are available at the Town Office and at the Bennington Community Center (Rec Center). You can also email, call, or write us with any specific comments or suggestions that you may have. We greatly appreciate your input.

You can watch the Willow Park Playground Public Presentation video online:

A main focus of the presentation is how the new playgrounds incorporate current universal design principles to address inclusivity and accessibility issues so that all children can play together.

As soon as public input is complete next Monday, a final design based on the results of public input and comments we have received will be created and the components ordered.

Our timeline is to have this completed by late summer, but like all construction work we are aware of possible delays due to supply chain or workforce issues. We are doing everything possible on our end of things to get this done as soon as possible and get our kids back to playing!

Campfire and Brush Burning Permits

There is no burn ban currently in effect for Bennington.

Thinking of having a campfire or doing some brush burning as part of your spring cleaning?

For a campfire, you need to stop by the Town Office for a permit. Cost is $10 and the permit is good for the entire year.

For a brush pile burning, you need to stop by the Town Office for a permit. Cost is $5 and the permit is good for two weeks.
The town offices are open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

BPD Receive Mental Health First Aid Training

Bennington Police Department members are receiving Mental Health First Aid Training as part of ongoing efforts to improve policing in our community.

All members of the Bennington Police Department will be participating in Mental Health First Aid for Law Enforcement training over the next two days.

Mental Health First Aid training will assist members of the Bennington Police Department with our efforts in dealing with community members in crisis as well as co-workers involved in public safety.

Mental Health First Aid training instructs members of the Bennington Police Department on how to safely use de-escalation techniques with people in mental health or addictions crisis.

Members will also receive training in use of support services and how to guide people in crisis in the direction of support services.
Bennington Police Department Officers and staff often act as first responders for people in mental health and addictions crisis in Bennington. Training is vitally important to ensure department members know how to interact with people in crisis. Being able to recognize signs and symptoms, and being able to effectively communicate with people in crisis, can lead to a better outcome for everyone involved.

Mental Health First Aid training for Law Enforcement will also instruct members of the Bennington Police Department to look out for one another. Bennington Police Officers and Communications staff are more likely to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mental Health First Aid will instruct Officers and staff on how to recognize signs of a mental health issue in their peers as well as themselves.

Willow Park Playgrounds Closed for Renewal


Our beloved playgrounds at Willow Park have served us well but it is time for them to be replaced and they will be removed shortly.

So while Willow Park is in the process of opening for the year, the old playgrounds will remain closed.

Town staff have been working on renewal plans for the new playgrounds since last year and we are on a fast track to getting new playgrounds built this summer.

Public input on designs and color schemes for the new playground begins this Friday. Starting on April 8, you will be able to provide your input online at, pick up a form at the Town Office, or come to a special public presentation on the new designs at the MAUHS Auditorium on Wednesday, April 13, at 6:30 pm.

That does not make it any easier in the short term when we want to play on the playground! You can learn about alternative recreational opportunities at