Comment on Playground Designs

Picture of closed sign by old playground, with images of new playground designs next to it.

Public Comment on the new playground designs ends Sunday, April 24. We want to hear from you!

The old playgrounds will not be opened or maintained this year pending their removal which will be happening soon. We are working as quickly as possible on the timing of this project to minimize the amount of time we are without the playgrounds.

If you have not already provided input; you can find detailed information, large images of the designs, and an online input form at:

Over 1,400 people have provided input so far!

Printed copies of the input form are available at the Town Office and at the Bennington Community Center (Rec Center). You can also email, call, or write us with any specific comments or suggestions that you may have. We greatly appreciate your input.

You can watch the Willow Park Playground Public Presentation video online:

A main focus of the presentation is how the new playgrounds incorporate current universal design principles to address inclusivity and accessibility issues so that all children can play together.

As soon as public input is complete next Monday, a final design based on the results of public input and comments we have received will be created and the components ordered.

Our timeline is to have this completed by late summer, but like all construction work we are aware of possible delays due to supply chain or workforce issues. We are doing everything possible on our end of things to get this done as soon as possible and get our kids back to playing!