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What Voting District Am I In?

This map allows you to search on a given address and will place a pin on the map and tell you what district that address is in. You can also click on a given parcel on the map, and it will display the address and the district. NOTE: The link does not work on Safari web browsers.  CLICK TO VIEW MAP

VIDEO: Adaptive Voting for registered voters with disabilities.


The polling place for Bennington residents is the Bennington Fire Facility located at 130 River Street (use Lincoln Street entrance). For North Bennington residents, your polling location is at the Village Trustees Office on Main Street (also known as the Old Train Station).

Public Statement regarding Early Voting:

Early Absentee ballots will be automatically mailed to all active voters on the checklist for General Elections only. The mailing is completed by the Vermont Secretary of State usually later in September of even numbered years. If you wish to receive early absentee ballots for local elections or the State Primary, they must be requested by contacting the Town Clerk’s Office. This can be done on an annual basis, as we cannot maintain a permanent list. If you receive an early absentee ballot and do not wish to use it, you are not required to do so. Please indicate on the envelope “No, thank you”, “voting in person” or something similar and return it to the Clerk’s Office or deposit it in the drop box at the Town Office, your early ballot request will be removed from your voting record.

Additionally, frequently, there are social media reports of attempts to vote twice, once via early ballot and once in person. Rest assured, there are security measures in place to prevent these situations. If you vote via early ballot, your name will already be marked off the entrance checklist on Election Day. You will not be able to cast a second ballot. Please do not rely on social media for advice or so-called facts and procedures of Elections. Pursuant to 17 V.S.A. 1971 “A legal voter who knowingly casts more than one ballot at any one time of balloting for the same office shall be fined not more than $1,000.00 if the offense is committed at a primary or general election.” I encourage you to contact this office with any questions regarding elections and early voting.

Read about election information and misinformation in this article on the Vermont Secretary of State website (CLICK HERE)

Cassandra Barbeau
Town Clerk
Bennington, VT
mailto: cbarbeau@benningtonvt.org