Dog Park Update


A meeting was held recently with the Town and the Friends of the Bennington Dog Park to review the first year of operation and to discuss future plans.

The dog park was built in 2021 using funds raised by the Friends of the Dog Park. A total $14,294.41 remains in the town account on reserve for future improvements and maintenance. While originally the Dog Park was expected to close during the winter when Willow Park is closed, a decision was made last November to allow use during the winter with the following caveat; during Winter months signs will be placed at the Bennington Dog Park stating the Dog Park is not maintained during the Winter months, and for people to be careful of slippery walkways, and please remove all pet waste.

The first year of operation has gone really well. It has been well used and people have been respectful and considerate with no reports of issues between dogs or dog owners. One question that has arisen is whether something can be done to address muddy conditions. Paul Dansereau, Director of Facilities, discussed a number of possible solutions to the Dog Park founders group for their input.

Other ideas for future improvements included adding a water spigot near the entrance to the Dog Park. The Friends of the Dog Park are to provide language to include on a plaque commemorating Kathy Hoisington for her donation for the water source. The idea of adding additional features to the Dog Park were discussed and are being researched, as was the possibility of a second Dog Park to alleviate heavy use at the first site. Dansereau will explore possible locations on town owned land and report back to the Friends group for further discussion.