Early Voting Ballots Available Now

Town Clerk Cassandra Barbeau hands a ballot to assistant Town Clerk Kayla Thompson.

EARLY VOTING began on February 9, and ballots are available until noon on February 28. We DO NOT automatically mail ballots; they MUST be requested from our Town Clerk. You can email townclerk@benningtonvt.org or call 802-442-1043 to have one mailed to you, or stop by the Town Offices located at 205 South Street in Bennington.

You may also use our official ballot drop box located in front of the Town Office to return your ballot. The ballot box is under 24 hour video surveillance and is checked daily. You may use the ballot drop box until 4:30 pm on February 28.
NOTE: The ballot drop box is NOT AVAILABLE on March 1; Ballots must be brought to your polling place, which is the Bennington Fire House at 130 River Street or, for North Bennington residents, the Village Trustees’ Office (Train Station) on Main Street in North Bennington. You may also mail it to us at PO Box 469, Bennington, VT 05201

The annual town meeting is very much a Vermont tradition exemplifying the ideal of citizen driven direct democracy. The meeting is always the day before the first Tuesday in March when the budget is voted on. Because the first Tuesday in March happens to be the first of March, that means this years Town Meeting will happen on the last day of February — which is as early as it can be! So think of Town Meeting as a dinner with two courses… the first course is the “meeting” part that happens the evening before, and the next day when you vote is the second course.

In this photo Town Clerk Cassandra Barbeau hands a ballot to assistant Town Clerk Kayla Thompson.
You can learn more about Town Meeting and how to participate at: https://benningtonvt.org/town-meeting-2022/