Energy Efficiencies Save Taxpayer Dollars

Town investments in energy efficiency save taxpayers well over $140,000 a year!

The Town is always looking for ways to improve efficiency, save tax payer dollars, and do what we can to alleviate climate change on the local level by doing what we can to lower our overall carbon footprint.

One source of savings has been our 20 year effort working with Efficiency Vermont, primarily to move to LED lighting and to install heat pumps. This effort alone is estimated to save the Town and our taxpayers $147,414 per year.

A logical question to ask is why is our electric usage still increasing overall if we are doing so much to save electricity? The primary answer to this is our move away from fossil fuels to renewable electric energy. As we install more heat pumps that use electricity, we are decreasing the amount of propane or oil we are using. One good example of this is our completed efficiency upgrades at the Bennington Police Department that resulted in a 50% decrease in the amount of propane used.

In any case, the Town uses over 1,000,000 kWh LESS energy per year than it would have been using without these improvements. AND we save over $140,000 per year. It’s a win win!