Free Energy Saving Kits from Efficiency Vermont

Fall is upon us… and along with that comes shorter days. That means lighting season is here!
Efficiency Vermont is giving away FREE Energy Savings Kits, chock full of TEN LED lightbulbs (five 60-watt bulbs, three 40-watt bulbs, and two 75-watt bulbs), plus a few water saving devices. The kits are valued at over $30, but you can get yours FREE, if you haven’t received one recently.
If you haven’t changed out some of those old incandescent or CFL bulbs… NOW is the time! These bulbs give off a cozy warm glow, are dimmable, and last years longer than your old bulbs. The best part (besides being free) is that the kit is delivered right to your home.
Supplies are limited, and only available on a first come, first served basis so make sure you get yours today.