Food-Scrap-Ban and Management – July 1, 2020



As of July 1st, food waste will be banned from landfills. This means that residents, businesses, schools, institutions and events can no longer throw food scraps in the trash. The options for diverting food scraps include 1) contracting with haulers to take the material; 2) bringing food scraps to transfer stations as all stations now accept food scraps; 3) composting in the back yard; 4) donating to food pantries and food groups; working with local farmers who may compost or who may feed food scraps to domestic animals, and 5) being cognizant of what one purchases to reduce what is wasted to begin with. This food ban has been coming since 2012 when the legislature passed the Universal Recycling Law of Act 148.
Questions, please contact:
Michael S. Batcher
Regional Planner
Bennington County Regional Commission
(802) 442-0713 x 2