Elected Officials

Bennington Town Meeting 2013

Local Officials

Select Board 2022
To email the Select Board:
Jeannie Jenkins, Chair (2025)
Jeanne Conner, Vice-Chair (2025)
Jim Carroll (2024)
Sarah Perrin (2023)
Bruce Lee-Clark (2023)
Gary Corey (2024)
Tom Haley (2025)

Town Clerk:
Town of Bennington: Cassandra Barbeau

Town Treasurer:
Town of Bennington: Joan Pinsonneault


State and Federal Officials

State Representatives:
District 2-1: Timothy R. Corcoran, IIDane Whitman
District 2-2:Mary A. Morrissey • Michael Nigro

 State Senators:
Bennington County: Dick Sears • Brian Campion

Phil Scott

US Congress:
Peter Welch

US Senate:
Patrick LeahyBernard Sanders

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