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Title 24 Appendix: Municipal Charters


24 V.S.A. App. § 103-508. Purposes and powers

§ 103-508. Purposes and powers – Downtown Improvement District

(a) The District is created for the general purpose of maintaining and improving the economic, social, cultural and environmental vitality and quality of the Town of Bennington (in particular, the District created by this section 507 of this charter); to promote the Town and the District as a regional retail, commercial and service center; and to serve as an advocate for the orderly development of the District in order to encourage expansion of the retail, commercial and service base of the District and the Town by attracting new business and investment.

(b) The rights, powers and duties of the District shall be exercised by the Select Board and shall be broadly construed to accomplish the purposes set forth above and shall include the following:

(1) To advertise and promote the Improvement District.

(2) To represent the interests of the District.

(3) To receive and expend contributions, grants and income.

(4) To expend funds as provided for in the budget or as otherwise approved.

(5) To manage and maintain public spaces and to assume or supplement the services and maintenance heretofore provided to the District by the Town as recommended to and approved by the Select Board.

(6) To acquire and dispose of property on behalf of the Town.

(7) To install and make public improvements.

(8) To improve, manage and regulate public parking facilities and vehicular traffic within the District.

(9) To enter into contracts as may be necessary or convenient to carry out the purpose of this charter.

(10) To regulate, lease, license, establish rules and fees and otherwise manage the use of public spaces within the District.

(11) To plan for the orderly development of the District in cooperation with the Town Planning Commission.

(12) To do all other things necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes for which this District was created. (Amended 2005, No. M-6, § 3.)

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