Green-Up Day – May 30th

Green Up Day is on its way! 

Over 22,000 volunteers across Vermont take part in cleaning their communities’ roadsides, public places and waterways each year.  People of all ages and walks of life take part.  Many families go out together and involve their children in learning about the negative effects of littering.

Always in May, Green Up Day 2020 will mark its 50th Anniversary on May 30th, 2020. 

Did you Know: Vermont was the first state in the nation to designate one special day for cleaning the entire state. 

Call the Town Office (802) 442-1037 before Thursday May 28th   to register who and where you’ll be cleaning up.  Learn where to pick up the special Green Up Day trash bags and how to properly dispose of them.  It’s Free, It’s Fun and It’s GREEN!!

REMEMBER – Be Tick Smart! The Health Department tells us that they are a year-round threat now in Vermont, so take the necessary precautions of long pants, shoes, bug spray, not just on Green Up Day, but throughout the year.