IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the PFOA Class Action Legal Team


Dear Residents of Bennington County:

We understand you may have been contacted by LEX Recovery Group, offering to assist you in filing a claim for compensation in the settlement of Sullivan v. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. While you may or may not be eligible to share in the settlement, please read the important information below.

Important information:

  • LEX Recovery Group is not a law firm — it is a business group from outside Vermont. It is not affiliated in any way with Class Counsel, the team of attorneys appointed by the Vermont Federal Court to represent all eligible class members in the Sullivan law suit. LEX Recovery Group is not authorized by the Court to assist with the filing of claims.
  • LEX Recovery Group is offering to help you file a claim to share in the Sullivan law suit settlement, AND will charge 25% of your recovery to assist you! HOWEVER, you do not need the help of LEX Recovery Group to file a claim.
  • You can file a claim without paying 25% — by filing on line at Or, if you need help filing your claim, you can call Class Counsel David Silver’s office, at 802-442-6341. Class Counsel will help you, and will not charge you a portion of your potential recovery.
  • If you are an eligible class member entitled to participate in the Sullivan settlement, the DEADLINE for filing a claim form is MONDAY, August 22, 2022. If you do not file a claim form by this deadline, you will forever be prevented from participating in the settlement. If you need assistance, please go to the website,, or call Class Counsel David Silver’s office – 802-442-6341.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Emily J. Joselson, Esq.
Langrock, Sperry & Wool

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