Board of Abatement

Board of Abatement
c/o Cassandra Barbeau, Vice Chair
205 South Street
Bennington, VT 05201

Phone: 802-442-1043 | Fax: 802-442-1068

The Board of Abatement is made up of the Justices of the Peace, Select Board, Listers and the Town Treasurer, who are elected officials. The board hears matters once a year on issues regarding property tax abatement.

Upcoming Agenda(s):

Past Meeting Minutes: (Note that these minutes when posted are not yet approved.)

2019: 12/03/19
2018: 12/10/18
2017: 12/11/17
2016: 12/05/16
2015: 12/07/15
2014: 12/09/14

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