New Access Road to Town Municipal Forest

A new access road to one of Bennington’s Municipal Forests!

The highway department has been engaged in building a new access road to the Pownal Fay-Gibb municipal forest lot when not busy doing snowplowing and other work.

The new road goes alongside the remnants of the old aqueduct (right side of image) that used to be part of the old water system. The crew carefully located the new road (top left) to not disturb the historic remnants.

The new access road will be used to facilitate the timber harvesting that is part of the overall management plan for the land. Other parts of that management plan include preserving and improving wildlife habitat and aesthetic value.

The naturalist noted in their survey and management plan that the area has an unusually high number of trees marked by black bears. It is also habitat for numerous bird species including the yellow warbler and many amphibians.