New Dispatchers at the Police Department

11,000 phone calls a year… and that’s JUST for the police department!

That’s how many calls our dispatchers at the Bennington Police Department handled last year. But that is JUST THE START!

In addition to handling call for the Police, our dispatchers also field calls for two EMS agencies, seven fire departments, AND provide mutual aid services for nearby towns in New York. That’s a lot of calls.

We are pleased to welcome Corbin Dean and Zoe Nixon to the dispatcher team. Dean has recently finished his training and is now fully engaged on the night shift. “My prior experience in the Air Force was helpful in learning this new job” Dean notes “I’m happy to be here!”

Our dispatchers play a key role in public safety, making sure that people in need are connected to the services they require as quickly as possible. As a result, dispatchers are trained to be as succinct and brief in their phone interactions as possible! Simply put, it’s impossible for a dispatcher to spend 10-12 minutes on any single call without possibly endangering others who need assistance as well.

As someone calling the police, this is a great thing to remember! Try to explain your problem or concern as quickly as possible. Work with the dispatcher so they can get you the help you need, and PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING if they appear to be be “short” with you… they are not being rude — they are doing their job how they have been trained.

“It’s a tough job, but I love it” says 10 year veteran dispatcher Kimberly Krawczyk, “Every day is different and I look forward to it.” Interestingly, call volume can be affected by the weather. “We tend to get less calls when it’s really cold or bad weather outside, with the exception of bad weather in the morning when people are heading to work,” Krawczyk explains. “We tend to get the most calls during nice weather in the summer.”