NOTICE: Benmont Ave. Bridge Work – Lane Shift Nov. 9th – Traffic Direction Unchanged

PROJECT LOCATION: Benmont Ave. Bridge

Work to be completed on the Benmont Ave. bridge will begin approximately 400 ft. north of the intersection with Hunt St. and extend northerly along Benmont Ave. for approximately 300 ft.

There will be NO change to traffic patterns or detour information

LANE SHIFT: The contractor is scheduled to switch the travel lane over to the new portion of the bridge on Monday, November 9. The bridge will continue to be open to northbound traffic only. The flow of traffic will merely take motorists over the new portion of the bridge so that crews can begin work on the old (currently traveled) portion of the bridge. Detours, traffic patterns and road closure details will not change or be affected in any way once the shift to travel on the new portion of the bridge occurs. Electronic message boards have been put into place in order to advise the public of this lane shift.

BRIDGE WORK:  Once the lane shift has occurred, the contractor will start demolishing the remaining portion of the old bridge.

TRAFFIC DELAYS: Periodic closures will result in slightly increased travel time for motorists. Please allow extra time in your travel plans when traveling through the project area.

DETOUR INFORMATION: This is just a reminder that when traveling EAST on Northside Dr. (heading towards Route 7), the only businesses accessible via the slip lane are Taco Bell/KFC and/or Gardner’s Motorsports. To access points south of the bridge on Benmont Ave., through-traffic should continue on Northside Drive and proceed to Route 7 South and follow the detour.

The Benmont Ave bridge will continue to remain closed to southbound traffic for the duration of this project. Motorists may not travel across the bridge going southbound at any time during this project, either during construction hours or after hours. Please observe all construction and detour signs. Thank you.

PEDESTRIAN DETOUR:  The pedestrian detour will remain in place until the end of construction. Please note sidewalk closures and adhere to the signed pedestrian detour route.

Drivers are warned to exercise extreme caution on granular surfaced roadways in a work zone. Punctured tires and windshield damage could occur if material flies up from the surface of the road. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles and obey the speed limit.

Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is now against the law to use a hand held cell phone while driving in Vermont.

Contact Natalie Boyle, Project Outreach Coordinator, GPI, Inc. with any questions or concerns in regard to this project at 802-310-7822, or