PFOA Update

March 27, 2019

The installation of water lines, and in some cases new wells for those unable to be reached by municipal water, is pretty much complete in the northwest section of Bennington and the Village of North Bennington.
The State and Saint-Gobain have continued negotiations on how to address the contaminated wells in the northeastern section of Bennington. Those negotiations have resulted in the design work now underway by MSK Engineering. The question of who funds this work is nearing a resolution. The exact details of the settlement have not been formally released; however, the State has remained committed to bringing municipal water to as many of those impacted as possible. It is expected that construction will start this Spring. The area to be addressed includes portions of Route 7A, Houghton Lane, the Apple Hill development, Michaels Drive, portions of East Road, and portions of Chapel Road.
It is important to note that municipal water may not be able to service everyone in this area due to geographical and logistical concerns. For some, the Point of Entry (POET) system may be the most viable solution, and for some, new wells may be the most viable solution. The goal is to ensure that all those residents with contaminated wells receive clean water.