Press Release: Bennington and No. Bennington Town Water Systems PFOA Free

March 24, 2016

Bennington and No. Bennington Town Water Systems Free of PFOA


BENNINGTON, VERMONT (March 24, 2016 @ 5:30PM EST) – In February 2016 it was determined that a number of residential drinking wells around the former ChemFab facility, which operated in North Bennington, Vermont from the early 70s until 2000, had become contaminated with a compound known as PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid). Since that time, the State of Vermont has collected over 150 well samples and is in the process conducting ground and surface water samples.

Both the Bennington municipal water system and the North Bennington municipal water system have tested free of PFOA. These systems include any property that is directly connected to the towns’ water systems and that pays the municipalities for water service.  Bennington’s Water system, which gets its water from Bolles Brook on Woodford Mountain, as well as Morgan Spring, runs as far west as Carbone Auto Group on Route 67A, and North Bennington’s water system, which receives water from Glastenbury, VT, begins on the western side of Paran Creek and includes the village of North Bennington, as well as the Bennington College campus.

Only individuals who have been accessing potable well water, within the vicinity of the former ChemFab manufacturing plant, are at risk of PFOA exposure by water.

PFOA is a chemical compound that was used in the manufacturing of a number of products including various plastics and Teflon. PFOA was banned in the United States in 2015; however, it’s remnants still remain due to the chemicals inability to breakdown easily. More information about PFOA and the ongoing situation can be found at



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