Press Release: Local Profile Videos Showcase Bennington’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Town of Bennington
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May 28, 2015

Local Profile Videos Showcase Bennington’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Town of Bennington is launching its second round of promotional videos for the area. Titled “Profiles in Bennington,” these in-depth interviews showcase business and community leaders in Bennington. Most of the interviews are between 8-12 minutes long and discuss what it’s like to experience Bennington either as a community member or business owner. Each video has its own tone, but the overarching theme is that Bennington is a great place to build a business and raise a family.

Current interviewees include Sheela Harden, President and CEO of Bennington Potters; Tom Dee, President and CEO of Southwestern Vermont Health Care; Dimitri Garder, Vice President of Global Z International; Mariko Silver, president of Bennington College; Stuart Hurd, Bennington’s town manager; Paul Doucette, Bennington’s chief of police and Michael Harrington, Bennington’s economic and community development director.

Profiles in Bennington is part of the “Vermont Begins Here” campaign that was launched by Bennington’s Office of Economic and Community Development at the start of the year, and is designed to highlight Bennington’s entrepreneurial spirit as Vermont’s first chartered town and the gateway to the state. In addition, the campaign focuses on the community, culture, business, and recreational aspects of the area. “Bennington has so much to offer and our goal is to have the ‘Vermont Begins Here’ campaign tell that story,” said Harrington. “By adding the profile interviews of local residents, and businesses and community leaders, we increase the personal nature of our appeal, which will in turn cause viewers to see Bennington as a destination,” he went on to say.

Each community profile will be launched separately over the next few months and will bring attention to a particular aspect of the community (i.e. health care, education, business, etc.). Additional interviews are in the planning stage and will be conducted over the course of the next year.  Harrington’s long-term vision for the project is to continue to add to the campaign, by branding Bennington as Vermont’s southern entrepreneurial hub. “Our hope is to have an entire arsenal of marketing material and videos that we can pull from when we need to highlight a particular aspect of our community. These interviews tell a tremendous story and we believe that makes a difference in people’s decision to make Bennington their home.”

The Vermont Begins Here campaign is housed at, which offers visitors the ability to explore Bennington’s community, culture and business environment.



For more information contact:

Michael Harrington
Economic and Community Development Director