Press Release: NeighborWorks Block Grant Application Review Postponed until November 2015

August 18, 2015

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont Community Development Block Grant Application Review Postponed until November 2015

BENNINGTON, VERMONT (August 18, 2015, 3:45PM) – The Town of Bennington, in conjunction with NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (NWWVT), has decided to postpone the public hearing that was slated for Monday, August 24, 2015 at 6:00PM, to discuss a potential Community Development Block Grant application.

The project, which was currently being reviewed by the Bennington Select Board, and if selected, would provide funding for a NeighborWorks location in Bennington for two years, was postponed due to a tight schedule for application submission and a high level of grant competition at the state level. “Because we are committed to creating an office in Bennington, we decided to move our application to the state’s second round of selection. Our hope is that this decision will give us time to develop a more competitive application and increase our chances of receiving funding,” said Ludy Biddle, Executive Director of NWWVT.

NeighborWorks and the Town will looked to submit a revised application for funding to the State of Vermont for the December 2015 CDBG deadline. In the meantime a more comprehensive project outline will be developed, along with additional opportunities for public input.

For more information about the project, interested individuals are encouraged to contact NeighborWorks of Western Vermont at 802-438-2303 x221 or the Bennington Community Development Office at 802-447-9710.





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