Proposed work schedule week of 9/11/2017

Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is against the law to use a hand held cell phone while driving in Vermont.

PROJECT LOCATION: The Bennington-Wilmington paving project begins in the town of Bennington along Route 9 just west of the junction of Route 279 and Route 9 and continues easterly along Route 9 for approximately 23.5 miles. This paving project will include the towns of Bennington, Woodford, Searsburg and Wilmington, and ends at the Wilmington-Marlboro town line. 

Work on the Wilmington area of the project will begin at the Wilmington-Marlboro Town line (near the Horizon Inn) and end at Lind Lane in Searsburg. This section of work has a completion date of 10/13/17.

Work to be performed includes shoulder widening, cold planing existing pavement, surface preparation (including crack sealing, pothole repair and patching), new layer of asphalt paving, installation of rumble strips in designated areas, pavement markings, and other related highway items.

COLD PLANING: Cold planing of the main traveled portion of the road (mainline) will continue between Route 100S and the Wilmington-Marlboro town line throughout the week of 9/11/17. Once the cold planing has been completed on this eastern end of the project, crews will begin cold planing on the west end, beginning in the vicinity of Haystack Rd. and progressing westerly.

Cold planing of side roads and driveways along the east end of the project will continue throughout the week of 9/11/17.

PAVING: Paving of side roads may begin as early as Friday, 9/8/17 on the eastern portion of the project. Side road paving will continue throughout the early part of next week.

STRUCTURES: Crews are scheduled to continue to adjust the height of structures throughout the week of 9/11/17. Structures include man holes, water valves, storm drains, etc…

BERM REMOVAL: Crews will work on removing the buildup of sand and gravel along the roadside in guardrail areas throughout the week of 9/11/17. This berm removal allows the water to shed off of the road surface into proper drainage areas. Berm removal operations will require lane closures in the vicinity of active construction.

TRAFFIC DELAYS: Paving, milling, berm removal operations and work on structures will require lane closures in the location of these operations. One-way alternating traffic will be required. Flaggers and uniformed traffic officers will be on site directing the flow of traffic. Delays are expected.

Contact Natalie Boyle, Project Outreach Coordinator, GPI, Inc. with any questions or concerns in regard to this project at 802-310-7822. For additional information regarding the paving project in Wilmington this summer and fall, please go to our regional Facebook page entitled “VTrans Rutland Region Construction Contracts”. Periodic updates and pictures may be posted from time to time.