Rail Trail Update

While we await this week’s winter storm, it’s a fine time for an update on the Rail Trail.

The rails and vegetation removal for the pathway was completed last fall, and this spring work begins on the pathway surfaces.

The Rail Trail begins at the Bennington Station (where it links to the Riverwalk Pathway). It heads north / northwest along the rail corridor, crossing the Roaring Branch on the existing rail road bridge, then crosses over Northside Drive right by Aldis and CVS. From there it goes behind the Cumberland Farms to Orchard Road (leading to Molly Stark School). The path will be paved for this entire length.

From Orchard Road, the rail trail will continue to Emma Street, but that section will be gravel surface.
The rail trail is a crucial link. Once done, this means that for the first time since before the modernization of our road system, we will have safe pedestrian and bike access from Downtown Bennington all the way to Northside Drive, to the Ninja Trail and Bennington College, and ultimately to the village of North Bennington.

Pathway and trail development takes a really long time… many of these projects that are now being linked have been in the works literally for 10 years or more. Our goal is a network of paths throughout our community and this section is a major step in the process of getting this work done.

Here is a link to a detailed map of the new path that will be completed by this October!