Recovery Job Access Rides Available

Is transportation a challenge for your Staff?

The Recovery and Jobs Access Rides may be able to help.
This transportation assistance program can provide rides for employees or potential staff in recovery or dealing with other significant job access barriers.

Need help accessing a job?
Call Green Mountain Express (GMX) 802-447-0477

Eligible rides can be for:
Commute support (for up to 10 business days)

Same Day Appointment Transportation Options:
There are limited resources for transportation needs identified as short notice. The program Manager(s) at Turning point will work with GMX to accommodate as many of these trips as possible. These options may include Turning point or GMX providing the trip or providing a gas card for patients that have a working vehicle and need financial assistance.

People having special circumstances may qualify for certain transportation services:

Visual Impairment:
The Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired may be able to provide transportation for medical appointments, social services, and shopping. Call them at 802-775-6452.

Over 6O years of age or disabled:
Call Green Mountain Express at 802-447-0477.
Reach Up recipients: Call 1-800-479-6151

Vermont 211:
Dial 2-1-1 for help with transportation for destinations outside our area.

Ride Allotment:
Rides for Treatment and Recovery should be capped to three days while medicaid and other programs are evaluated for rider eligibility. Rides for Job Access should be
capped to two weeks (10 days). Additional days can be provided on a case by case basis.

Medicaid Special Circumstances:
People may be eligible for transportation under Medicaid if they have a vehicle, but it is not in working condition. They may need to get a letter from a licensed auto mechanic stating what is wrong with their vehicle and send the letter to Medicaid. If approved, GMX may be able to provide transportation.

People may also be eligible for mileage reimbursement if they cannot afford gas. There are requirements and restrictions that apply.

For more information call Green Mountain Express (GMX) 802-447-0477