Recycling Used Oil

In order to save on propane heating costs, the Town Highway Department building on Bowen Road uses a recycled oil heater.

Roughly 1500 gallons of old used oil has been recycled this year, and so far it’s resulted in 50% savings on propane. “It’s too early to determine how much the actual savings will be since it’s been a warmer than usual winter so far” notes assistant Department of Public Works director Larry Gates. “but in addition to saving us on propane, it’s saves us the expense of having to get rid of the used oil.”

It’s a common sense way to save money and reduces the environmental risks associated with transporting or storing used oil. DPW employee Tanner Gerity is shown here filling up the holding tank on the heater. The heater uses a blast tube style burner with heat exchanger and a high torque pump to maximize efficiency. Every tax dollar saved means one less tax dollar needed in the future.