Planning Commission

whiterocksviewThe Bennington Planning Commission is responsible for planning for the future growth and development of the Town Of Bennington.  The Planning Commission is guided by the Vision articulated in the Town Plan.

The Planning Commission typically meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month. Planning Commission meetings usually take place at the Bennington Fire Facility, 3rd floor, 130 River Street in Bennington.

Next meeting agenda and prior meeting minutes are available here.

Town Plan Update 2023-2025
The Town of Bennington is in the process of updating our Town Plan. For more information, please visit this page.

Vision  Statement

As Bennington promotes its standing as an ever more important economic center, it will continue to provide opportunities for its residents to enjoy an outstanding quality of life by dedicating itself to its distinctive sense of place—a place characterized by its natural, scenic, cultural, and historic resources; its historic settlement pattern; its active and engaged community with a true sense of civic pride; an outstanding school system; efficient and responsive municipal services; an efficient, safe, and convenient transportation system; pleasant, efficient, and affordable housing—and a place where all citizens have the opportunity to participate in a diverse, sustainable, and resilient economy.

Planning Commission

The Bennington Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the Select Board.  The Planning Commission performs the municipal land use planning functions for the Town of Bennington.

State law provides planning commissions with broad authority to plan for the future needs of their communities. In addition to drafting and maintaining a current municipal plan and tools that implement the plan, the planning commission also has the following powers:

  • Undertake capacity studies and make recommendations on matters of land development, urban renewal, transportation, economic and social development;
  • Require information from other departments of the municipality that relates to the work of the planning commission;
  • Participate in a regional planning program;
  • Retain staff and consultant assistance; and
  • Perform such other tasks as it may deem necessary or appropriate to fulfill the duties and obligations imposed by Chapter 117 of Title 24.

The primary function of the Bennington Planning Commission is to articulate and implement a Vision for the future of Bennington.  The Planning Commission prepares and amends (for the Select Board to review and adopt) the Bennington Town Plan (policies for the future growth and development of Bennington), the Bennington Land Use and Development Regulations (regulations that implement the policies in the Town Plan), and other land use policy and regulatory documents to implement the Vision for the future of Bennington.  The Planning Commission also engages in many other activities related to their role as leaders of the community on planning matters, including holding public hearings to determine future needs of the town, conducting surveys, holding discussion forums and educating the public about current issues facing the municipality.

In addition to preparing the Town Plan and Land Use and Development Regulations, specific recent issues tackled by the Planning Commission include identifying and protecting scenic resources, cataloging parks an open space and identifying needs and opportunities, commercial sign regulation, and flood hazard mitigation and regulation.  Members of the public interested in land use policies and regulations to encourage and shape the growth and development of Bennington may attend a future meeting of the Planning Commission to discuss their ideas, concerns, insights, etc.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis.  Members of the public may also contact Planning Director, Daniel Monks (802-442-1037 or to discuss any issues or concerns regarding land use planning in Bennington.  For a list of resources regarding land use policy and regulation in Bennington and the State of Vermont visit our  Resource Links.   For a detailed description of how land use policy and regulation is done in the State of Vermont visit:  Essentials of Local Land Use Planning and Regulation.


(appointed to 4-year term)

  • Kenneth Swierad – 6/2027
  • Bridget Elder - 6/2027
  • Curan VanDerWelen - 6/2027
  • Evan Yadeski 6/2026
  • Bruce Lierman – 6/2025
  • Michael P. McDonough – 6/2025
  • Nick Lasoff – 6/2026