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Neutered/ Spayed    $9.00
Male/ Female    $13.00
Fees after April 1:    
Neutered/ Spayed    $11.00
Male/ Female    $17.00

Dogs more than 6 months of age need to be licensed after January 1st of every year, but must be licensed no later than April 1st. As noted above, late fees will apply after that date. If a dog reaches 6 months of age after April 1st, the owner must apply for a license within 30 days.

A current copy of the rabies certificate is required at the time of the licensure.

You may purchase your license during business hours by stopping by the Town Clerk's office, or you may mail it in with check or cash. Checks are made Payable to: The Town of Bennington. Make sure to include the proper payment as listed above. Please make sure you have your first and last name so we can find your renewal. If you have a new rabies certificate, please include that. Once we receive it, we will mail it back to you.
Mailing address: 205 South Street,  Bennington VT 05201

The town ordinances having to do with dogs are outlined below:


By April 1 of a given year, every person owning, keeping or harboring any dog over six months of age, within the Town of Bennington shall procure a license and shall provide proof of all inoculations for all dogs to be licensed. Every dog shall wear a collar with attached license at all times except when it is on the owner’s premises. Failure to comply with this Article shall be a violation of this ordinance and shall result in a citation and a fine.


The owner or keeper of a dog in the Town of Bennington shall at all times confine the dog within a building or other secure enclosure or securely tied on an exercise wire or similar contrivance, except as herein otherwise provided. Perimeter, underground electric fences qualify as confinement under this section.

Such owner or keeper may have his dog outside a building or enclosure or not otherwise confined or restrained as required in section 9-5.01, but only when the dog is:

A.    Securely held on a leash; or
B.    Within a vehicle preventing escape; or
C.    On land owned or occupied by such dog owner or keeper, or, if not on such land, hunting with its owner or keeper; or
D.    Clearly subject to the verbal command of such owner or keeper and within sight of the owner or keeper and not trespassing upon the land of others. Dogs under such command shall not harass citizens or other dogs to remain in compliance with this section.


The owner or keeper of a dog may release said dog in the charge of his duly authorized agent, who shall thereupon control the dog in one of the ways provided in section 9-5.


The owner of any dog in heat shall keep her confined or on a leash at all times, and shall not permit such dog to be at large within the Town of Bennington. Every such dog running at large is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and shall be impounded, and the owner, keeper or person harboring such a dog shall be guilty of a violation of the ordinance and subject to the penalties hereinafter provided.


The Town Manager shall designate a person to act as Animal Control Officer to enforce the provisions of this ordinance. It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to seize and impound any dog found to be in violation of the provisions of this ordinance. The Town Manager shall also designate the names of persons and their locations to receive dogs for confinement under the terms of this ordinance.


No person shall keep or harbor a dog deemed vicious under the terms of this ordinance. A dog known to be vicious or to have attacked a person or animal or to have done damage constituting a menace to the public health and safety shall, at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer, be impounded by the Town or strictly confined by the owner until the outcome of a hearing. Upon the receipt of a complaint by the Town Manager, a hearing shall be scheduled and warned as a special Select Board meeting. All parties shall be invited to attend. A failure of any party to attend shall not prevent the hearing from proceeding. The hearing board shall consist of the members of the Select Board.
After presentation of all evidence, the Board shall issue findings of fact and , if warranted, an order may be issued to chain the animal permanently or muzzle the dog whenever off-premise, or dispose of the dog in a humane manner.


The keeping of any dog, cat, or other animal which shall become a nuisance to another person in the vicinity where such dog, cat or other animal is kept, by frequent or continued barking, howling, yelping or screaming which lasts unabated for more than 15 minutes.