SNOW PLOWING SEASON: Reminder to remove all obstacles to plowing

Snowplowing season is here! We need your help 🙂
The Town requests that all obstructions be moved out of the Right-Of-Way during this time so that we may continue to plow, salt &/or sand in a safe manner.
This could include vehicles, basketball hoops, trash or recycling containers… basically anything that could get in the way or get damaged.  Our sidewalk plows, service truck plows, and salt trucks ALL must have clear access for effective snow removal and sanding!
Remember, if you live in an area with sidewalks, those sidewalks need to be clear as well. If you live in an area without sidewalks, please clear anything away that is within 25 feet from the center of the road (the official right-of-way) to ensure that everything stays safe and sound.
Thank you so much for your help! We are dedicated to keeping the streets clear and safe for everyone during the winter season… and your help is vital!