Snow Removal & Safety


Please be Advised: The Town Highway Department and Public Works employees are working to clean up the vast amount of snow as quickly as our machines will allow. Due to the high volume of snow, we must change how we do this. The Sidewalk plows cannot handle these depths. Therefore, we must now clear sidewalks with a Snow-Blower. This takes a great deal longer.

We ask for your patience during this removal process.

Employees will continue to work today, and THROUGH THE NIGHT into Saturday afternoon to remove as much snow as possible. We will begin in the downtown area and work outwards both roads and sidewalks.

REMINDER: It is ILLEGAL by VERMONT STATE LAW – to plow or shovel snow INTO the roadway. Also, to KEEP CHILDREN SAFE, please keep them OFF snowbanks. They are not play areas and can be very dangerous.