State of VT Southernwestern Vermont Water Update

Gov. Shumlin Announces Positive Developments This Week


Gov. Peter Shumlin announced several positive developments this week, including:

  • The potentially-responsible party for the former Warren Wire manufacturing facility in Pownal, APU, has agreed to step forward and cover costs related contamination.
  • Test results from South Hero municipal water supply show no PFOA contamination.
  • Saint-Gobain has agreed to cover costs for two engineering studies in Bennington and North Bennington to explore expansion of municipal water supply infrastructure.
  • Majority of preliminary soil testing results show concentrations of PFOA less than 10 parts per billion. Vermont’s soil screening level is 300ppb.

Read the full press releases here Monday and Tuesday here:
4/18 –
Gov. Shumlin Announces Engineering Study and PFOA Soil Sample Results
4/19 –
APU to Cover Pownal Costs and South Hero Tests Clean


Share Your Drinking Water Results With Us


If you live outside one of the areas of concern in Bennington, North Bennington, Shaftsbury, or Pownal, and have had your well tested for PFOA in the last two months, consider sharing your analytical report with Department of Environmental Conservation staff. Sharing your results can aid the Department in building a data set that will be used to determine the extent and source of the PFOA release.

Attach your results to an e-mail and send to the one of the following contacts based on where you live:


Bennington and North Bennington:
Richard Spiese
Trish Coppolino


New set of webpages for Vermont PFOA information


The Department of Environmental Conservation is currently transitioning to a new website platform. We apologize for any inconvenience in accessing information as this transition occurs.

The new PFOA webpage can be

accessed here. By clicking on the icon to the left, users can view well sampling information & more for their community.



North Bennington Update


Reminder: Register for Blood Draw Clinics by April 30! — Blood test clinics will be held April 29 through mid-May. You are eligible for the clinics, if:

  1. DEC tested the well of the home in North Bennington/Bennington where you live now, or where you lived any time in the past eight years, and/or –
  2. You worked or lived at the former Chemfab/Saint-Gobain site at 940/1030 Water Street in North Bennington or you work or live there now.

To begin the registration process, complete the online survey by April 30.


PFOA Blood Draw Clinic for College Students — The Health Department is offering a special PFOA blood draw clinic for students from eligible households who have been away at college. The clinic will be held at the Health Department district office in Bennington on the morning of Tuesday, May 24. To register your student for this clinic, call the Health Department at 800-439-8550.
Saint-Gobain creates new website for Bennington community —  Saint-Gobain developed a website to specifically outline its response efforts to date in Bennington and North Bennington, and to foster public dialogue between the company and the community. Check it out at


Advice for gardeners — Based upon the preliminary soil results showing very low concentrations of PFOA in soils, the Agency of Agriculture does not anticipate significant uptake of PFOA into plants and vegetables from garden soils. Gardeners are encouraged to proceed with their plantings and follow two recommendations: 1) Use water containing less than 20 ppt PFOA in your garden and 2) Add clean compost to amend garden soils.

Bottled water pick-up at new location — Residents within expanded areas of concern can now pick up bottled water from D’s Market & Deli at 1404 East Road in Bennington.

Citizen’s Advisory Group — DEC has initiated the possible forming of a Citizen’s Advisory Group to advance citizen’s concerns directly with Saint-Gobain.  The make-up is yet to be determined but would include delegate representatives from citizens, representatives from Saint-Gobain, and could include technical assistance from the Toxics Action Center and DEC.  If you are interested in participating in the formation of this group, please contact Shaina Kasper (Toxics Action Center) at (802) 223-4099.


Sample count to-date — More than 300 private drinking water wells in the areas of concern in Bennington and North Bennington have been sampled to date. Results have been received for 232 wells in North Bennington, with 126 containing PFOA above the 20ppt health advisory limit. An additional 64 samples were collected last week from expanded areas of concern near Old Bennington and south of the Old Bennington Landfill.

Drinking water sampling nearby old Bennington Landfill — Private wells continue to be sampled around the closed landfill, mostly in suspect areas in down gradient direction from the landfill. Sampling will continue over the next couple of weeks. If you live in this area (just east of Route 7, north of Routh 279, and west of East Road), sign-up to have your well tested.


Reminder! Sign-up for well testing online if within expanded area of concern — View the updated area of interest map. If you have a private well and live within the outlined areas of concern, and have not had your well sampled yet, register now using this online form.


Bennington Update


Impacted home in Bennington now connected to municipal water — One home that tested positive for PFOA contamination in their well on Northside Drive has officially been connected to the Bennington municipal water supply. This solution may be considered for other nearby homes, pending the outcome of test results this week.


Pownal Update


More sampling to occur in Pownal — Additional sampling will be occurring at private drinking wells in the following areas.

1. East of the old Pownal Tannery site along Route 346. There are a few homes clustered in this area.

2. North of Church Street in the main village.

This was announced at the community meeting on Tuesday, April 19th. If you have a private well and live in one of these areas, sign-up to have your well sampled using the sign-up reminder info below.

Do you know someone that worked at General Cable? — The Department is interested in speaking directly with former employees at the General Cable facilities in Pownal to collect more details about processes used at the plant. If you or someone you know worked at the plant, please have them contact Trish Coppolino at
Reminder! Sign-up for well testing online if within area of concern — View the Pownal area of interest map. If you have a private well and live within the outlined area of concern, and have not had your well sampled yet, register now using this online form.


Information Resources Available


For general PFOA questions and concerns:
Call 2-1-1.
Visit: Vermont DEC PFOA Response Page

For questions about potential health effects of PFOA:
Call the Vermont Department of Health toll-free at 800-439-8550.
Visit: Vermont Department Health PFOA Page

You may also reply to this e-mail with general questions.