Stormwater Master Plan To Be Developed

A stormwater master plan is in the works for Bennington.

October 13th, 2022 – Fitzgerald Environmental Associates (FEA), in collaboration with SLR International, will be developing a Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) for the Town of Bennington in partnership with the Town and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC). The project is funded by State Capital Clean Water Funds.

SWMPs outline actionable steps toward improving water quality and reducing flooding through implementation of stormwater practices. The SWMP process provides valuable assistance to the Town for addressing stormwater issues and reducing maintenance of Town infrastructure. Reducing stormwater runoff and the associated nutrients and sediment, improves the water quality in Vermont’s rivers, lakes, and ponds. Projects identified through this planning process, once implemented, are expected to result in measurable water quality improvements in the Waloomsac River watershed. Implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure can also make public spaces and roadways safer for travel and for pedestrians.

FEA and SLR will identify and assess possible locations for new stormwater practices in Bennington. We will primarily focus our efforts on areas with greater amounts of stormwater runoff, including the downtown area, North Bennington, and Bennington College. We will also focus on areas with existing stormwater issues such as eroding gravel roads. We will develop project recommendations that are feasible for implementation based on available space, land ownership, and cost. Projects will be prioritized based on the cost-effectiveness of the potential water quality benefits.

FEA and SLR personnel will conduct surveys in Bennington during 2022-2023 and deliver designs and a final Stormwater Master Plan by April 2024. Please contact Fitzgerald Environmental Associates at 802.876.7778 or at with any questions or comments regarding the Stormwater Master Plan.