Taxes Due November 10, 2022

Taxes are due by November 10, 2022, at 4:30 pm. Pay in person, by mail, using our secure drop box, or online.

Taxes are due November 10… here are some helpful tips!

By now you should have received your tax bill in the mail. If you have received a bill for a property you no longer own… please forward it to the new owner or let us know at the town office. If you have not received your bill, you can stop by or call the town office at 802-442-1037 and ask for the collections office. You can find more information on the town’s website at:



Every property in Vermont is subject to education property taxes to pay for the state’s schools. Homeowners can file a HOMESTEAD DECLARATION which will reduce the tax on their homestead in Bennington and the parcel of land surrounding the dwelling, that is owned and occupied by the resident as the persons domicile. THIS MUST BE FILED EVERY YEAR in order to be eligible. The deadline for filing this without a penalty is in April. The penalty for late filing is 3%. YOU MUST file by October 17, 2022 in order to be eligible.



If you have a Homestead Declaration and you lived there for the entire year, have a household income of $136,900 or less, and were not claimed as a dependent by someone else then you are eligible for an adjustment to the amount of taxes you pay. This also has a deadline of April, but can be filed as late as October 17, 2022 with a penalty.

Questions regarding State Payments or Homestead Declaration should be directed to the State of Vermont.Property Tax Assistance – (Education Payment, Rebate, Homestead Declaration) Tel: 1-866-828-2865 (toll free in VT) or 802-828-2865 (local & out-of-state) Fax: 802-828-2720. The State Web site is