Thank you to Holiday Decoration Team!

Holiday decoration volunteers Connor and Dale

THANK YOU to our volunteers for getting holiday decorations ready!
The town is grateful to Connor Bell and Dale Copeland from the Frost House for their work, along with many others, to get our Downtown Holiday Decorations ready to be deployed on Tuesday, November 16.
According to Bill Clark, BBC Downtown Streetscape Maintenance person, 2-3 volunteers from the Frost House (formerly known as the Twilight Kids) have a tradition of helping with this effort. “These kids, along with the town Highway Crew, the town Buildings and Grounds Crew, and myself, together put in about 100 hours of work in total each year helping assemble and deploy wreaths and garlands for the 88 lamp posts throughout the downtown” says Clark. “It’s inspiring to see Connor and these kids working as part of the team to help the downtown community. It truly is a cooperative effort with everyone pulling together to make it happen.”
Connor and Dale are shown here amidst dozens of yards of decoration materials, wreath frames, bows and lights. On the left, Connor shows off a completed wreath.