Town Updates COVID-19 Policy

Effective March 14, 2022:

The Town Masking Rule has not been renewed.

The rule strongly recommending wearing a mask while indoors in public places has not been renewed and is no longer in effect. Signage associated with that rule is not longer required to be posted.

Town of Bennington will no longer require that all full and part time employees be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.

Those who are unvaccinated will be required to wear a mask when in close quarters with other employees or the public. Close quarters would be a small, enclosed office, a motor vehicle, an enclosed piece of equipment or similar. Should the State drop its mask mandates or alter them in a less restrictive way, this Policy shall follow suit.

All employees who are symptomatic should test at home using the antigen tests routinely available. If one tests positive, please inform your department head and stay home until a negative test is confirmed. This is a self-governing requirement to minimize the risk of on-going exposure to COVID and its variants.