Update #4: DEC Efforts from DEC Commissioner Schuren

Dear area residents,

Below are a few updates.

Water testing. DEC employees continue to go door to door sampling private drinking water wells within a 1.5 mile radius around the former Chemfab facility. 92 wells have been sampled since Tuesday morning. The number of wells expected to be sampled has increased to approximately 150. 

Bottled Water Offered Beyond 1.5 Mile Radius. In response to requests from residents outside the 1.5 mile testing radius, DEC has made bottled water more widely available. While the community waits for the results of the water tests, bottled water will be available to concerned residents at the North Bennington Variety Store. Those within the 1.5 mile radius can also sign up to have water delivered to their homes.

Emergency Operations Center. The Emergency Operations Center will now be open through Friday at 4pm. The Center is located at 324 Main Street in Bennington.  There you will find additional information, can get questions answered, sign up for water testing and look at the map of the 1.5 mile radius.


Alyssa B. Schuren
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
One National Life Drive – Main 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3520