Village Cemetery Restoration

Just over a week ago, the terrible vandalism was discovered at Village Cemetery on Morgan Street that left 200+ grave stones overturned.

This Thursday, November 3rd, the Town invites those who are interested in volunteering to join us to reset as many unbroken stones as we can.

If you would like to volunteer, come to the cemetery between 8 am and 3 pm. Bring work gloves, and your tool of choice that can range from a broom to a shovel, or even a trowel.

With enough help… we believe we can reset every unbroken stone in one day.

Broken grave stones will be harder. We will inventory those and we have a plan to do that work in May of 2023.

Parking may be difficult in the area, so we ask you to be creative, respectful, and don’t block traffic. The nearest off-street parking lot is at the old Benn Hi building which is within a relatively short walking distance.

We still do not know who the vandals are. We hope someone will come forward with information that can help us find those responsible. The Town has already acted to increase surveillance of the cemetery. If someone tries it again, we will be ready.