Waste Water Treatment Facility

A major upgrade to our waste water treatment facility was completed January 27, 2020. The facility treats on average 3.1 million gallons of water per day!
The round “silo” in the lower left is the methane capturing facility. Methane produced from the treatment process is used on site to warm the sludge in the digesters to 96˚ so that the anaerobic bacteria can do their job breaking down materials. The top of the round “silo” raises and lowers like a giant bellows as methane is gathered and then used.
Rates were increased this year due to that much needed upgrade… the sewer flat rate for a single family home costs $1.46 per day – for ALL sewer needs including unlimited toilets, showers, cooking, cleaning. It’s still a low cost, but with a major benefit; namely ensuring that our community is being responsible in terms of how we take care of our environment. Anyone who loves trout fishing in the Walloomsac River can appreciate how very important this is!