Willow Park Playgrounds Closed for Renewal


Our beloved playgrounds at Willow Park have served us well but it is time for them to be replaced and they will be removed shortly.

So while Willow Park is in the process of opening for the year, the old playgrounds will remain closed.

Town staff have been working on renewal plans for the new playgrounds since last year and we are on a fast track to getting new playgrounds built this summer.

Public input on designs and color schemes for the new playground begins this Friday. Starting on April 8, you will be able to provide your input online at benningtonvt.org/willow-park, pick up a form at the Town Office, or come to a special public presentation on the new designs at the MAUHS Auditorium on Wednesday, April 13, at 6:30 pm.

That does not make it any easier in the short term when we want to play on the playground! You can learn about alternative recreational opportunities at benningtonvt.org/recreation.