Ywoods mapPublic Input Sought on the Y Woods

On the south end of town adjacent to the Park Lawn Cemetery is a 30 acre municipal forest called the "Y Woods." The town is looking at this resource and is calling for input from the community on its future. A public meeting was held March 9, at 4:00 pm to discuss the Y Woods, hear from the community, and gather input for the creation of a management plan. The meeting was held at the multi purpose room on the third floor at the Fire Facility on River Street.

Please use the form below to share your input on a management plan for the Y Woods.


  • Public Meeting for Community Input (March 9, 2023 - link to recording of meeting in MATERIALS list above)
  • County Forester and the  SW Tech Forestry Program develop a draft Management Plan (spring and summer 2023)
  • Presentation of draft Management Plan to the community for review (fall 2023)
  • Update on Y Woods Draft Management Plan (11/10/23)

Watch Remotely
The meeting was recorded by CAT TV and this is the link to the recording:  It will be re-broadcast later on CAT TV according to their schedule. Folks can also view it here https://www.catamountaccess.com/channel1085 on the CAT-TV Website. 

Please Provide Your Input!
The purpose of the meeting is to hear input from the community. Please use the form below to share your thoughts and comments.

Y Woods Public Comment Form