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Department of Assessment
Board of Listers
205 South Street
Bennington, VT 05201
Phone: 802-442-1042 | Fax: 802-442-1068

John M. Antognioni, Assessor

Deborah Madden, Administrative Assistant / E-911 Coordinator

Property administration is by town, not county here in Vermont. Each town in Bennington County has their own office for real property information (ownership, valuation, etc,).

This office is responsible for setting the Town of Bennington’s Grand List of Real Property Values each year as of April 1. This Grand List is certified by the Board of Listers and lodged with the Town Clerk no later than August 14, but typically each year around May 15. The office also maintains property record files, tax maps, property transfers and other ownership changes.

Public access to department information is available during regular office hours.

Each year property owners who feel aggrieved by their assessed value(s) must submit a grievance letter to the Board of Listers up to 14 days after the yearly preliminary Grand List is filed (dates vary per year but typically around June 1).

A preliminary 2024 Grand List was filed with the Bennington Town Clerk and Change in Appraisal of Real Estate notices were mailed out Thursday May 30 to all affected property owners in which there were substantive changes in land area and/or improvement size (new construction/additions/demolitions/sub-divisions etc.) that took place from April 1, 2023 to April 1, 2024. 

In addition, properties in which an error or an omission was found that changed assessed value were also sent a notice. Owners of properties for which no substantive changes have taken place over the last year will have their assessed valuations unchanged for the 2024 Grand List.

Property owners who feel aggrieved by their assessed value must submit a written grievance letter to the Board of Listers and received by the close of business June 14, 2024. Those with previously submitted grievance letters will be notified within the next few days. No hearing will be allowed without a letter to this office. Call 802-442-1042 M-F 7:30-4:30 for further information.

Lister Grievance decisions were mailed out Thursday, June 27, 2024 for the 12 parcels that were acted on. As noted in the decision letters, property owners who still feel aggrieved by the decision of the Lister’s have until Friday July 12th to get a letter to the Bennington Town Clerk to continue their assessment appeal to the Board of Civil Authority. 
Town of Bennington's Grand List
Town of Bennington's Grand List
If you would like the copy of a deed
Start by visiting our Land Records page. For records after 1978, you can use the online Record Hub service (link on that page) to get copies.

For land records prior to 1978...

If you have the book and page you can call the Town Clerk (802-442-1037) and pay for a copy and it will be emailed. If you don’t know the book and page, the Assessor’s Office can provide the most current deed book & page. You can also use the grand list which might have the book and page number for a recorded deed, but we can’t guarantee that it is the most current/correct deed.
Help with obtaining deed information
You may contact a local title abstractor. We have a list of a few people who provide this service below.

  • Pam Dickman (802)428-4583
  • Susan Kennedy (802)770-4034
  • Michele Mitchell (802) 496-4010
VT Parcel Viewer
The State of Vermont provides an online Parcel Viewer.

IMPORTANT: The parcel data is general in natures and does not represent survey grade boundary information. It is for general information and does not replace actual survey information.

Substantial inaccuracies in boundary lines or grand list attributes should be brought to the attention of the Town Clerk. Currently parcel data is linked to the 2021 grand list (not all parcels have matching links).

The view does not work in older versions of Safari. If you have trouble viewing the map, please use a different web browser.