Bennington Community Recreation Center Increases Programming Under BFYMCA Management

fist bump at the rec center
Programs and membership at the Rec Center have increased a lot over the past few years!

The Bennington Community Recreation Center (the Rec Center) has increased programming dramatically since 2019 when the Town entered into a formal management agreement with the Berkshire Family YMCA (BFYMCA). Currently, over four dozen classes, programs, and activities are offered every week. Membership has increased as well, with 1,372 memberships with a total of 2,449 members.
Programming for Bennington youth in the summer time has seen a 10-fold increase from around 30 to well over 300 in attendance at summer camps. The town supported of this effort, including providing $22,997 last summer to reduce costs for participating kids from Bennington.
Programming for adults, including those over 50 years of age, has increased significantly. Additional staff have been hired to specifically serve that population. All these efforts help make Bennington a healthier and more connected community.
The BFYMCA contract means that the costs for the town have remained stable while the number of people served and the programs available have grown tremendously. In 2018, prior to the BFYMCA taking over staffing and program management, the cost to the town for administrative overhead was $282,453. This year, that cost was $207,918.
Rates for Bennington residents to use the Recreation Center are subsidized by the town so that they remain very low... just $9 a month for adults, with 10% discount for seniors, and families for $11-14 per month. Financial help is available if your income makes these prices unaffordable.

This past year, the BFYMCA showed a surplus of around $40,000. That money, along with any future surpluses, will be held in reserve to pay for equipment and amenities at the new indoor gymnasium and exercise facilities at the future Benn High town space or to reduce the cost of the BFYMCA contract with the Town.
The management agreement with the BFYMCA where the Town owns, maintains, and oversees the Recreation Center and the BFYMCA provides the programming and staffing has shown itself to be a win-win for all of us.
Learn more about the Recreation center and it’s offerings on the Town website at: